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The Benefits of Using a Direct Lender

Time, as the saying goes, is money. To commercial real estate investors, every day where a project sits idle can mean thousands of dollars down the drain. It’s times like these when the real value of a direct lender can be seen clearly. Many simply can’t wait for the long approval process called for by […]

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Private lenders know: honesty is the best policy

Borrowers should expect to fill out a lot of paperwork when applying for a loan, and for good reason. The in-depth inquiries and requests for documentation are an important part of the process. Questions about your income, assets, down payment and more provide a private investor with a good snapshot of financial history and what […]

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A Clean Title Means A Clean Deal

Borrowers and lenders alike want their real estate closing to go smoothly. A snag in the application process can cost precious time and money and cause a great deal of stress, so it’s imperative that the basics about the property are established and clear to all parties involved. One of the most important ways to […]

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What You’ll Need to Get a Bridge Loan Approved

Undoubtedly, bridge loans for commercial mortgages are more difficult to secure than a traditional home mortgage. That’s because hard money commercial mortgages assume substantially higher risk with the property becoming your collateral. This means, if you default on loan payments, the lender will foreclose moreover, because hard money lenders are willing to take the risk, […]

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Is Credit Worthiness Detrimental for Hard Money Lending

For cash-strapped, borrowers looking for a short-term financing solution for purchasing a multi-family property, warding off foreclosure or quickly closing on a land deal, a hard-money bridge loan may be the smartest option. Bridge loans are typically a financing option for borrowers who have difficulty finding financing due to poor credit, unverifiable income and/or assets, […]

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How Do Banking Regulations Affect Construction Lending?

More red tape is the latest sign that the the aftershock of the 2008 financial crisis are still being felt. In early 2015, new regulations for commercial real estate investing took effect for most banks. The regulation requires banks with over a half billion dollars in assets, as well as all savings and loans to […]

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Commitment fees: They’re Part of the Business

It’s a sensitive subject: Most borrowers don’t want to pay commitment fees prior to getting the loan. The reality is that commitment fees are part of the business, especially when borrowers become last-resort borrowers, or otherwise need to close extremely quickly. To be sure, no one ever looks forward to paying higher interest rates, but […]

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